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We are excited, proud, and full of joy and relief: the Gorongosa Exhibit at Zoo Boise is now open.

Erstad ARCHITECTS started working with Zoo Boise on a master plan for their proposed new exhibit expansion all the way back in 2012.

For seven years the Zoo and project manager Cheryl Pearse of erstad ARCHITECTS worked together and closely with stakeholders to devise a plan for the park that would bring animal species native to the Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique here to the heart of Boise.

Gorongosa holds a special connection to Zoo Boise, and to the city of Boise itself. The Zoo has been an active partner in the team effort to restore Mozambique’s largest national park after it had been almost completely eradicated during a civil war that ended in the 1990’s. In what was once a tragic example of loss, the story of Gorongosa’s rebirth and recovery has now become an international success story.

With the new exhibit in Boise, Zoo Boise hoped to tell this story to visitors to continue that energy and further their own innovative conservation mission.

On July 17, 2019, after a long-anticipated but fast-moving construction period, the Gorongosa Exhibit opened its gates to the public. Thanks to a massive fundraising effort, countless community volunteers, a dedicated building team, Zoo Boise leaders and partners, and the committed passion of our own firm’s leadership, the exhibit – which houses animal habitats, new buildings, and community education spaces – is now the home to baboons, otters, a crocodile, vervet monkeys, African wild dogs, hyenas, warthogs, and a wide variety of birds and insects. Each animal is of a species native to Gorongosa, and each animal’s habitat is carefully constructed for the animal’s needs and comfort as well as the safety of each resident and the staff who care for it. Visitors may now watch spotted-necked otters play in their custom waterslide, or watch the Nile crocodile lounge in her heated pool. They can also learn about what life is like in and around the park for the people that live there, and discover the story of that area as it is woven throughout
the exhibit.

In addition to the Gorongosa Exhibit, the expansion to the Zoo included updates and replacements to existing exhibits, including the aviaries and primate house.

Visit the Zoo Boise website and plan your visit to see the new project in person, or even plan your trip with Zoo Boise to the real Parque Nacional da Gorongosa, here: https://zooboise.org/

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