Garden City, Idaho


August 2018


40,000 sf

Future Public School

Future Public School strives to prepare students by using a STEM and future-focused teaching model. erstad ARCHITECTS teamed up with the school to provide an innovative building and flexible learning spaces that would nourish such a vision. Given the tight site parameters, the first and most logical strategy was to build up. The 3 story building includes 18 generously sized classrooms built to maximize creative use of the space, as well as a computer lab and a handful of flex rooms, student collaboration rooms, and break out spaces. A key to the project’s success relies on the community partnership with the adjacent Boys & Girls Club and a city park, which provides the school with access to the additional functions needed to operate with such a limited building footprint.

Outside, innovative material use and a playful front entry showcase the school’s inventive approach to education. Inside, the theme continues with energizing color use in the classrooms and on core elements throughout the building.

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